Mobile apps brings more your consumer closer to your business.

By using mobile app business can increase their audience base, brand popularity, sales, and revenue generation. As we know the amount of mobile phone users have been increased day by day, mobile app can be used as strong marketing tool. You don’t have to call or email your customers for promotions or discounts. Just set up push notification and it enables you to send messages to users in an alert form about any coupons, discounts, offers, etc. At Xeon InfoTech we  build mobile apps on both iOS and Android and thus helps businesses target customers across the world.

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We develop various mobile app that makes your business handy


key features of our designed mobile App

Choosing Right Platform

There are three main mobile operating systems – iOS, Android, and Windows – and in order to achieve the best output of your app, it needs to be available on all of these platforms. Android apps are easy to upload to the Play Store, but iOS needs to be tried and tested by Apple before they are allowed on the App Store. We find the right platform for you by analysing business workflow and evaluating your business goal.

Fast Speed & Easier Navigation

Simple and user-friendly navigation is a key feature of our designed app because If customer cannot access their information quickly and easily, they will become frustrated and do it another way – possibly by using a competitor’s app. Keep it simple and keep it quick.

Competent and effective UX Design

Many mobile apps fail because of poor design. Stunning graphics might create an excellent first impression but it may result in longer loading time. Our mobile UX specialists and mobile app development team work closely to balance three factors – speed, functionality and resolution.

Secure Payment System

Security is a must-have app feature. Trusted secure and multiple payment methods make mobile application shopping safer. In General customers trust secure sites that offer multiple payment options.


Chat service allows for providing immediate help to visitors. This is also a low-cost alternative for on-call support and covers mobile app features your customers want to have in the mobile app. Live chats also affect sales positively, since the customer knows a real person is helping them.


Key features of a successful mobile app also include reminding the buyer of daily updates and promotions. Push notifications send gentle reminders. Push notifications enhance brand consistency in the buyer’s mind.

Social Media Login Integration

Social logins cut down long processes of registration for consumers. Social logins ease their signing in process. Syncing social logins again take you a step ahead of competitors.

Regular maintenance and support

Building a great app for your business isn’t the end of the process if you want maximum ROI. Instead, it’s just the first stage. After development, your app would require to be tweaked as per user feedback and upgraded. We are very agile when it comes to responding to such feedback and prepare sustainable and optimum modifications. Keep in mind that we are always available to provide maintenance services should you require any further assistance.

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